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If you would like to get in touch with me, might think to share thoughts and ideas could be valuable for both of us, or would like to talk about the latest IT-related topics, let me know, pls.

Knut Höngesberg

Subject areas:

I am interested in challenging topics, as well as discussing them with open-minded people. Topics with reference to IT are always welcome to discuss, especially when having a context to the business focus of IT processes. Of course, where possible I like to help with special topics, e.g. like PIM/MDM. Furthermore, I might be open being an interesting sparring partner in case of complex challenges, sustainable discussions and lively debates from different points of view.

By the way, probably an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and thoughts with people having their focus in psychology could be an interesting one, too. From my point of view and as far as I can tell, the psychological disciplines of behavioral science and social psychology might be the most matching ones here, perhaps with partial elements such as prejudices. In my opinion, the psychological point of view about business IT, particularly in the area of master data management (i.e. MDM), could be a very exciting one to look at it interdisciplinary ...

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