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Nowadays trade within the rising digital and e-commerce driven world, added value through digitization, increasing requirements for time to market, all of these are movements that put companies under even more pressure to succeed.

Moreover, a customer can often easily and quickly replace his seller. Sometimes the competitor is just a click away.

It is therefore even more important to dedicate to the customer's wishes, to accompany them with high-quality information in their decision-making process (e.g. user journey, user experience, UX), to guide them with meaningful product information (i.e. just right amount of information, precise, reliable), as well as to match the required circumstances of different channels (e.g. online, on-site, print)

This is where PIM (product information management) takes place. Actually, PIM works like a heart behind the scenes - central, and in many industries an almost indispensable, mission-critical source of reliable information for product data. It appears to be crucial for a superior and best-in-class product experience to gain customer's loyalty.

The power of PIM, digital assets, ...
PIM excellence
PIM best practices
Excursus: symptoms if having no PIM or an inferior implemented PIM

The power of PIM,
digital assets, ...

Because of this 'acting behind the scenes', the extremely huge potential of power of data, that can be obtained through master data environments such as PIM, often only becomes visible when you take a very close look at it.

To start with, PIM is not a self-propelling success (see below for further details, pls). Poorly done, the risk of failure and 'burning money' is extremely high.

But first of all, find following essential of PIM's performance features in the case PIM is treated well and established in a good shape:

Finally, let me briefly explain what is meant within the headline 'PIM, digital assets, ...' by the enhancement and the dots. In case it is treated properly, PIM Product Information Management is undoubtedly at the heart of achieving the above listed features and ultimately an important enabler for digital growth. Nevertheless, depending on the industry, competitive situation and existing / legacy IT infrastructure there might be a fine-tuning with related systems. These can typically be: PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), MDM (Master Data Management) and/or DAM/MAM (Digital/Media Asset Management).

PIM excellence

The introduction of PIM within a company should not be confused or equated with an introduction of a tool only. Such a PIM undertaking is almost always digital transformation, and in addition to the introduction as well as IT-technical embedding of a PIM database it also includes the adaptation of business processes, intensive collaboration of different teams with different arts and different manners, clarity of business requirements and their cost-benefit ratio, data migrations to frequently much higher levels of quality, trainings, and last but not least intensive change management (mind change).

Knut Höngesberg This results in quite extensive requirements for the expertise and competence of a PIM project manager respectively of a PIM product owner, like:

Knut Höngesberg

Knut Höngesberg serves such topics proofable very successful for more then a decade of practical PIM experience:

PIM best practices

In case you might want to try it yourself (potentially as a start) and without the help of an expert like me, find following some tips and hints for you on what to take care of:

Excursus: symptoms if having no PIM
or an inferior implemented PIM

The following is a list of frequently seen symptoms (often even in combination), that can occur if your PIM environment is not set up professionally enough or even missing at all. This list may not be exhaustive, but the elements can be taken as typical indicators:

If some of these aspects might frighten you and/or you partially might recognize your company like in a mirror, please do not be discouraged. The good part of the news is that all of this can definitely be solved with logic, dedication to the topic, and strong teamwork. In case you follow the recommendations from above, plus - potentially - bring in the right coordinating person into your company, a lot has already been won.

I wish you every success as well as fortunate decisions at all times, to build within your company a customer-obsessed environment powered by PIM, to be able to implement your digital strategy successfully, and to shape your digital future to win business.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. If feasible under potential competition constraints, I will be happy to help you.

The electric light did not come from the continuous improvement of candles.
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